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Joseph Seiler, CPCC, MCC

Success Coach

Barb Seiler

Certified CRT™ Practitioner

Certified Drum Circle Facilitator



Life coach Edmonton, Alberta
  • Are you ready to do more of what you love?
  • Is it time to get the results you deserve?  
  • Want more of something good, or less of something not so good?

At Your NaturalEdge, our certified life coaching is designed specifically for you, we help you find Your NaturalEdge, your way. When you become more clear your world improves. Deepen your clarity towards right decisions, strengthen your resolve toward right action, and become happier in the process. Are you willing to let this be easy? Are you willing to step into the life you really want? That is what a certified life coach does and that is what we do together with you.  I am a Certified Life Coach for you in Edmonton, Alberta.

Contact us today at 250 498 4017, conveniently located at the end of your phone :-) Joseph Seiler is a Certified Life Coach who has been delivering quality life coaching to Edmonton and throughout Alberta for over a decade.